“The installations and functioning of the various systems has been extremely well carried out. Court time has significantly been saved together with associated running costs and expenses.”

Bob Brooks, Court Manager, Preston Combined Court

Court Room Installations

There are currently only 12 courts specifically equipped for Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE) across the UK, yet the use of EPE has been proven to make up to 30% cost savings, help jurors understand and retain information and lead to better judicial outcomes. In addition the majority of court rooms are ill-equipped to effectively exhibit digital evidence, yet with the bloom of the information age, digital evidence is often key to trials and the
Our experts have carried out installations for UK and International courts and can install the right solution for each trail. temporary equipping of courtrooms with audio visual equipments becomes vital.
When digital evidence is key to a trial or when EPE is utilised to gain from its benefits; the right audio visual equipment and set up is vital. Our experts have carried out installations for UK and International courts and can install the right solution for each trail, providing advice and support prior to and throughout the trail.

Press Annex

With high profile cases garnering huge amounts of media interest it is often not possible to house the media in the court room itself. Press annexes can be set up either within the court building or anywhere else room is available. Live coverage is streamed to the annex, keeping up to date with proceeding, whilst ensuring space within the court rooms is kept available for family members and avoids any disruption from the media during proceedings.

Court installations

Standard, Enhanced and Extended Installations available.

Support provided prior to and throughout the trial

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Multiple formats to ensure all types of digital evidence can be made available

Latest equipment used to ensure reliability and high quality


Legacy equipment available to display historic format evidence

Unrivalled expertise and experience, ensuring you get the best solution for your trial


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