Welcome to Evidential:


Evidential is an essential resource when preparing your case professionally. When faced with bringing together large amounts of multi-faceted evidence, we can assist in producing an electronic bible. E-Bibles are an efficient and cost effective way of storing, searching, retrieving and sharing large document collections, allowing them to search through documents with ease.

Evidential’s team of experienced and highly acclaimed expert witnesses are renowned specialists in their fields and regularly give evidence in court on a wide range of evidence. With direct access to our consultants, produce results quickly, write clear, easy to understand reports and work worldwide to the highest standards to give the most comprehensive results, utilising technically-advanced hardware and software.

Having worked on some of the highest profile cases over the last 15 years, Evidential is considered to be the leading authority for Electronic Presentation of Evidence across Europe. Our innovative methods allow complex evidence to be presented in easy to understand ways leading to, better juror retention and understanding, robust judicial outcomes and significant cost savings.


We’re very proud of the work we have carried out both in the UK and Internationally. As an independent expert service, our impartiality is paramount to the work we do which is highly regarded by many of our clients.


I would like to commend and thank those who were responsible for the presentation of the evidence by electronic means which made clear and concise presentation a reality rather than a dream”