Forensic Survey


Forensic surveys & 3D laser scanning

Viewing a scene in three dimensions can greatly assist the detailed analysis of events, enabling evidence to be considered from any perspective; and pinpointed and measured with extreme precision.

What do we provide?

Evidential offers a complete evidential 3D data capture and virtual scene service.


Our resident expert is regarded as a leading specialist in the field of forensic surveying, with experience spanning 20 years in the UK, as well as the advising of several overseas police services.

How does 3D laser scanning work?

3D laser scanning allows insights of unrivalled detail into any scene, from complex murder situations to analysing the height of suspects. We produce a ‘pointcloud’ consisting of intelligent 3D data, which can be explored to provide accurate measurements, rendered colour depictions of scenes and much more – all of which is accepted as evidence within the judicial process.

How is it used?

The data gathered provides a highly accurate, three-dimensional historical document of how the scene actually was at the time of an incident. This equips investigators with a virtual ‘return to scene’ capability.

At a judicial level, legal representatives can use the evidence to prove or disprove theories about the sequence of events and viewpoints, which can either add weight to testimonies or discredit the evidence of witnesses.

A word from the team

Being able to explore a 3D representation of a crime scene is very powerful during any investigation proving or disproving theories and witness statements. It is just as powerful in court to help a jury fully understand the scene and the events that went on.

Ken Bagshaw, Crime Scene Survey Expert

Find out how 3D surveying of the scene can benefit your case

Having a 3D representation of your scene can prove essential both during the investigation and subsequent trials, contact us to find out how it can help your case.

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