Forensic Photography

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Forensic Photography

Forensic photography has been a corner stone of investigations since its first use and is invaluable to both prosecution and defence. When used to record an alleged crime they create an clear record of the scene or incident. However by utilising various techniques, difficult to see evidence can be enhanced for investigative purposes and for demonstration in court.


Evidential’s experts can attend a scene to make a clear record of the location, layout and placement of potential evidence to ensure the information is continuously accessible particularly when a location must be returned to its original state.

Utilising state of the art techniques Evidential can enhance marks that are either difficult to see or invisible to the naked eye such as:

Tyre marks

Footwear marks from various surfaces

Marks previously treated with chemicals

Finger/hand/foot/ prints

Trace evidence

A word from the team

Capturing clear images of scenes and evidence is vital to successful investigation and presentation of a case in court. With modern techniques we can capture previously invisible to eye types of evidence or enhance marks to provided greater levels of explanation and ease of presentation in court.

Esther Towler, Senior Forensic Photographer

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