Fire and Explosion Investigation

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Fire and Explosion Investigation

The understanding of fire, its’ origins and how it develops is an essential responsibility of the criminal justice system. Without a clear understanding of cause analysis juries cannot make informed decisions on responsibility.

Examination, review, advice.

We can provide expert opinion on the causation of fire and explosion incidents, comment on incident reports and statements and offer advice, support and training on all fire investigation matters.

Examinations can be undertaken on original work or review of any forensic work already undertaken and we can advise or expert testament at court.

Using our expertise we will transfer the scene of operations to the court room in a format that a jury will be able to readily understand and interpret. Using electronic presentation of the evidence  the jury will understand more effectively all aspects of the case.

Our resident expert has thirty years’ experience with a metropolitan fire and rescue service with ten of those years in the role of a dedicated fire investigation officer.  He has carried out many multi-agency investigations working regularly with the Police on arson cases and with members of both the Forensics Explosives Laboratory and forensic scientists.

Types of Incidents


We are able to assist in the majority of incident types such as:


  • Fires with multi-agency involvement 
  • Fatal fires 
  • Fires with serious or potential life threatening injuries
  • Explosions
  • Non-fatal fires
  • Incidents involving fireworks and fire IED’s

A word from the team

Due to their very destructive nature fires and explosions can be extremely complex to investigate and accurately interpret, in addition it can be a challenge to present the findings to jury in an easy to understand way. Evidential is able to combine investigative expertise with state of the art evidence presentation to support your case in multiple ways.

Mike Kirby, Senior Fire and Explosion Expert

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