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Fingerprints have now been used for over a century by Police and Government agencies as an effective method for identifying individuals involved in criminal activity.

Such is the confidence in the fingerprint identification process that they are acknowledged as the primary biometric on which all criminal records are referenced and on which all other biometric information such as DNA are held against.

They have also assisted greatly in the identification of victims of traumatic death whereby visual identification has been difficult due to the extent of trauma/injuries to a victim or the level of decomposition after death such as the Manchester Air Disaster in 1984, victims of the Waco Siege in Texas, Operation Lund – The Morecombe Bay Cockle Pickers, and the Tsunami in Thailand.

Supporting your fingerprint evidence


The success or failure of an investigation depends upon evidence that can withstand challenge and undoubtedly, where cases presented to a court fail, it is invariably due to issues of continuity and administrative errors which cast doubt on the integrity of the exhibit and/or the witness presenting that evidence.

Evidential can provide objective challenge in terms of reviewing fingerprint evidence and the processes and people that underpin that evidence.

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Beyond simple ‘yes/no’


The use of fingerprints within the investigative process is generally utilised to positively identify offenders or persons of interest and it is our view at Evidential that fingerprints are rarely used to positively exclude an individual or indeed be interpreted any further than “Identified” or “Not Identified”. It is our view that an opinion limited to a simple yes/no decision restricts and at times can mislead an investigator or jury. Evidential feel that considerably more can be harvested from a fingerprint submission by exploiting the grey area between “Identified “and “Not Identified”.

A word from the team

Fingerprint collection and analysis have been key tools in criminal investigations for over a century regularly providing robust evidence. However such evidence can be discounted where continuity or administrative errors occur . Objective challenge from our experts can help ensure your evidence stands up to any challenge in court.

Gyles Denn, Head of Organisational Development

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