3D Body Mapping

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3D Body and Injury Mapping

Pathology photos can be extremely distressing to relatives and friends of victims and if presented to jurors in court, can cause genuine prejudice. However it is extremely important that all involved in a trial fully understand what was involved in the case of death or in the victims sustaining injuries.

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3D Body Mapping 


3D Body mapping provides an alternative that not only avoids distress and prejudice it also provides clarity and understanding to complex pathology information.

An anatomically correct 3D ‘avatar’ can be created to match relevant information about a victim, such as body mass, height, skin, hair and eye colouring with accurate representation of the injuries demonstrated.

However to provide greater understanding to both the injuries and circumstances, multiple layers can be demonstrated; skin, muscles, circulatory systems and skeleton, ensuring complex pathology data is presented an easy to understand way.

Animated Body Mapping and Scenarios


3D Body mapping can be presented in simple 2D forms either printed hard copies or on a court screens. However Evidential is able to produce animated 3D avatars enabling the viewer to run through complete 360 degree views of the victim, providing better understanding of injury location and correlation to other injuries and body parts.

This can be delivered in either a press and play film reel with the avatar automatically running through relevant poses and positions to best provide relevant visualisation or as an interactive avatar where council or where appropriate a juror can manually rotate the avatar to gain the desired points of view.

This type of animation can be used to gain even more understanding of the circumstances of the case, with full scenarios being animated demonstrated how injuries where sustained, the actions of the victim(s) and the perpetrator(s).

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Highly Experienced


Evidential’s team is not only made up of digital experts it also has forensic experts who are experienced in pathology and emergency medicine, providing real life experience in anatomy and the mechanisms of injury. Marry this with a company founded on innovation, Evidential is able to use state of the art technology and techniques to ensure both injuries and causes of death are demonstrated in the most effective way possible.

A word from the team

It’s essential for a jury to clearly understand both injuries and causes of death, however graphic images can easily cause prejudice and distress. Modern 3D body and injury mapping provides the perfect solution avoiding prejudice yet providing clear and easy to understand information.

Gyles Denn, Head of Organisational Development

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