Audio Analysis & Enhancement


Audio Analysis & Enhancement

Audio evidence is commonly used in today’s court cases, but poor-quality recording can limit its usefulness. We can use audio enhancement to reduce and even eliminate noise interference, producing a clearer, more conclusive result.


Crystal clear


A huge volume of audio information is recorded every day – some overt, some covert; some purposefully, some accidentally. Its numerous uses include intelligence reports and settlement disputes. In many case, vital evidence can be missed due to poor recording techniques or the accidental recording of environmental sounds.

Our experts are able to work a wide range of audio formats and use the latest software to analyse, report and enhance to ensure clarity in court.


 Our services include:

  • Audio enhancement
  • Voice analysis and comparison
  • Authentification
  • Editing of interview recordings
  • Disguising voices to preserve anonymity
  • Speed correction
  • Production of edited copies for court
  • Transfer of original format to CD or DVD
  • Repair of damaged media
  • Transcription of recordings

A word from the team

Key evidence can often be missed or deemed unusable due to the quality of the recording, however our experts can use a variety of techniques to ensure you get the best evidence possible form any audio recording.

Adrain Phillips, Senior Audio Expert

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