Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is a specialist form of financial and economic investigation applied to matters such as fraud, litigation disputes and tax enquiries

Our forensic accounting services


Evidential deals with cases relating to:

  • Fraud in the workplace perpetrated by:
    • Employees
    • Suppliers
    • Co-owners
    • Third parties
  • Litigation support for:
    • Commercial disputes
    • Divorce and separation
    • Employment cases
  • Proceeds of Crime Act cases
  • HMRC investigations and enquiries, both business and personal

What we do


We provide hard accounting evidence in the form of a detailed expert’s report, drawn from diligent research and examination of all available data.
This includes:
  • Reviewing and analysing historical business accounts and tax returns
  • Using a statistical approach to data sets
  • Looking for anomalies in presented data
  • Providing a detailed report on the forensic findings
  • Attending court to present expert evidence

A word from the team

Forensic accounting is a powerful tool for any investigator, it is not just limited to fraud, it has been used successfully to end criminal activities from modern slavery to terrorism.

Sean Murphy

Where can Forensic Accounting lead your case?

Forensic Accounting has provided valuable evidence and leads in many cases from corporate fraud to terrorism. Contact us for advice with no obligation to proceed with our services.

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