Pink and fluffy means pounds (or dollars, euro’s yens……)

Do you feel valued by your organisation? Do you know what your company stands for? Does your value system match your companies?

Ask these questions to a range of employees and business leaders alike and you will get a mix of responses and worryingly, “No” will factor highly in the range of answers.

The reason for such responses is many organisations large or small fail to grasp the fundamentals of Organisational Development (OD) in particularly the less tangible aspects such as Values, Learning and Development, Engagement, and I mean true engagement not simply communicating.

These subjects are often referred to as the pink and fluffy aspects of OD and either paid lip service to in corporate planning or simply ignored; but to be a truly successful organisation you must understand that ‘pink and fluffy’ leads to productivity, efficiency, pounds,etc. e.g. success.

However enough of the sermon on understanding Organisational Development because I could go on for pages but thats not what this blog is about. Its to celebrate successful delivery of some pink and fluffy.

So to set the scene “Once upon a time……………”

To be precise, in September 2016 a handsome prince……who am I kidding, I, took the what some would say ‘brave move’ and joined the Evidential team, leaving my previous role as Growth Start Up Manager with the Business Growth Hub. The Business Growth Hub being part of the Manchester Growth Group (MGC) a large group of companies with the sole aim of supporting the Greater Manchester Economy.

Leaving is never that straight forward, at least not for me, because prior to me leaving, MGC had taken the important step of undertaking important OD work with one key aspect being the defining of its shared values.

I myself have a background and ‘not insignificant’ experience in this sort of work in particular OD with larger public sector type organisations and once MGC realised this they asked if I would lend a hand and take a leading role in said work. So I didn’t quite leave fully on my leave date just changed employer to evidential and split my time accordingly.

In early November 2015 it was with great pride that I was able to stand up at the MGC staff conference held at Bridgewater Hall and launch their shared values. Values that I know are right for MGC as they were defined and articulated from the input from over 60% of the organisations people.

This was only the first step on the journey for MGC and its people to be living the values, and other parts of the work delivered was focused on the next steps of how the values are integrated and supported by all other aspects of business from performance management to learning and development to policies and procedures and engagement strategies.

Whilst this may be one of the first steps on the OD journey for MGC, it is clear that by setting out to understand and embrace the pink and fluffy side of OD; MGC it set on the path for even greater success as a business and become an even greater place to work, retaining and attracting the best talent out there.

Now my feet are firmly under the desk at Evidential we are keen to help the organisations within the sectors we deliver expert witness services, to capitalise on Organisational Development to gain greater success, realise needed efficiencies and attract only the best talent.

So to sign this blog off remember how powerful the dark side is in Star Wars (now thats a topical reference) just imagine how powerful the pink and fluffy side could be for your organisation. Give us a call I’m more than happy to carry on the sermon.

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