Knowledge transfer and networking is vital – SIO conference 2015


The minute you think you know all you need to know is the moment before your big fall.

Thats one (of many) of the mantras that I live my life by and its so true. Everything changes, technologies progress and even things that were previously thought as fact change over time. Even an expert in a field must keep up to date with current thinking and progress.

Even more importantly its always great to get new and different perspectives on any subject.

This is why it was great to see so many officers attending the Senior Investigators Conference held in Leeds early November 2015. This was great opportunity for officers to build on their knowledge, share insights and develop networks. All of which is great for the tax paying public as Investigating officers maintain the highest levels of skills and knowledge.

Evidential took up the opportunity to exhibit at the event and assisting on the exhibiting and networking duties was Mick Gradwell, former Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) with Lancashire Constabulary and invaluable member of the Evidential team.

Mick has a wealth of experience working on various high profile cases and has attended multiple conferences such as this, in his capacity as SIO. All to ensure his knowledge was up to date and to build and maintain the valuable networks that ensured he had the support and differing perspectives to ensure every investigation was carried out to the highest standards.

One comment around the numbers in attendance stuck with me, as Mick explained over a lunch break how the numbers have reduced significantly in recent times. With forces struggling to find the funds in austerity driven times, to send offices to such events.

It is easy to understand how cash strapped budget holders may find it difficult to justify expenditure for such events, but I feel its the victims of crime that can loose out on such decisions as these events are essential to to SIO’s  ability to stay at the forefront of their fields.

That all said, the numbers were still healthy with over 200 in attendance, providing the confidence that the importance of these events is still understood within forces. It this understanding that will keep UK SIO’s at the forefront of investigative techniques and knowledge.

So long live the budget holders who understand the importance of continuous development and the value of networks built at events such as this.

See you at the 2016 conference.

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