GUEST POST – Work Experience Placement

Studying Forensic Science isn’t all about sitting in a lab placing samples into a Mass Spectrometer and getting a result within 10 minutes just like they do on programmes such as CSI and NCIS. It however does involves other areas such as DNA, fingerprint development, footwear analysis and glass fragment analysis. Yet there is more to it than that! You might have to go to court to give evidence on what you have found… give an opinion which means lots of paper work! Well not anymore! Court rooms are going digital, so it’s necessary to give evidence in a digital format.

One of the modules I’ve taken at Staffordshire University was Forensic Multimedia, where we learned about the extraction of evidence from mobile phones, enhancement of images, 360° scanning of a crime scene, transcribing audio and how evidence can be presented electronically at Court.

As the digital world is expanding, a lot of evidence needs to be processed and presented electronically to the Courts so that they can understand what has happened.

Being given an opportunity to get some work experience at Evidential has helped put this into practice and is enabling me to put these skills into practice. I’m enjoying my time, and I really appreciate it!

Dominic Bloomfield is currently undertaking work experience at Evidential Ltd.

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