Learning from Google’s Innovation Culture

By chance, perhaps, I have been invited to two different Google events over the last fortnight which gave an interesting insight into their UK outreach.


 Google HQ

The first was at Google’s UK headquarters in Central London where they hosted the Creative England event. A fascinating insight into a non-traditional office which is designed to cultivate innovation in a company that appears to live and die by coming up with the “new”. I found myself in the Google green room, a retro designed chill out room where people are having meetings in one corner, someone is being filmed answering questions for YouTube next to a Dalek and a coder is tapping away at the other end of the sofa. The work areas are very open and full of visual stimuli whilst making it easy to collaborate in a number of break out areas. The event itself was very well run as you would expect from something hosted by Google and led by Creative England. I was fortunate to sit next to Google’s Lab guru who showed off some pretty special research and development projects they have worked on. In particular I found the Abbey Road Experience very interesting and could see how this could transcend into the work that Evidential does in presenting evidence too. It was all about making the viewer feel like they are actually there whilst having access to archive footage and imagery which is very similar to what we do with crime scenes using similar immersive technology. A similar project from Google related to making gallery virtual and available to everyone irrelevant of their location. It was great to see such a company is pushing the boundaries in this way and its projects definitely show crossovers with how we present evidence too.

The constantly evolving need of our business shows the importance of innovation and sets us apart form our competitors, many of whom rely upon old technology. We invest in research and development for projects that will have real value in the future presentation of evidence and are proud to be pushing the boundaries just like Google do. We have tried to create a similar collaborative atmosphere both at our Google-esque location at The Sharp Project where we have a number of exciting projects to announce throughout the year but also with our open approach to similar business across the UK and abroad where together we can make real breakthroughs.


My second experience, surprisingly took place at Manchesters newly refurbished Central Library where Google have a temporary pop up residency called Digital Garage. An interesting concept which is a more about a one to one experience where Google comes across as being very personal and easily accessible through products such as Google+ and Google My Business despite being such a Global brand.

Personal touch is something we also pride ourself on at Evidential. Whilst we aren’t a muti-national behemoth like Google we do have similar aims. Evidential promotes innovation constantly but wants to keep a personal touch in everything we do. Our clients love the fact that they can talk directly with the person doing the work so that messages aren’t lost in translation. We are available when our clients needs us and even have a 24/7 contact number (0845 591 2333) for out of hour requests.


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