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Evidential creates solutions, the right solutions for you. Whether you work within the criminal justice system or the commercial world we can provide solutions that will help you achieve efficiencies, cost saving and strengthen your organisation.
Our consultancy experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from both the public and private sectors and are able to call on up to date methodologies from the commercial world whilst understanding and maintaining the integrities of the public sector.

Budget Cuts?

In the current climate of austerity, cuts to spending have become a constant reality and further cuts are inevitable. To maintain effective levels of service and avoid simple head count reduction and the inevitable issues it brings, efficiencies need to be sought out in all areas of operations. Evidential consultancy and solutions services can help you find the efficiencies needed to meet the ever present spending cuts, enabling you to do what you do best to the highest standards.



Fusing together the best technology, people and process, will get you more from forensics,better use of biometric data, world class labs and intelligent forensic examination means big rewards for security. iFSS helps you plan out the most appropriate forensic improvement journey. There are two elements, a proven analytical and advice process called iPath and iFusion provides pre-packaged integrated forensic infrastructure designed to deliver predictable performance, predictable operating costs and long term productivity.

Independent case review

Having been involved in some of the UK’s highest profile cases for both Prosecution and Defence, Evidential can bring a fresh perspective on cold cases to take advantage of the latest technological advances. We can also carry out cold case reviews and both consult on or undertake privately led investigations, helping reduce pressure on internal police resources.

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Organisational Development

The core of any police force or organisation is its people; understanding them and developing strategies to ensure you are getting the best from you people can be key to efficiencies and savings. Organisational development covers a wide range of subjects from developing missions, visions and values, performance management systems, learning and development strategies to engagement plans, pay and reward, leadership and management training and coaching.

Logistics and fleet management

Getting the most value out of your fleet, ensuring precious resources are available when and where you need them but deployed in the most cost efficient manner. Fleet data can be used to support crime reduction, identifying trend data and hot spots. Data can also be captured on individual driving capabilities, identifying training needs, reducing servicing cost, collusion reduction, investigation costs and reputational costs.

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DIGITal solutions

We live in the digital era and through embracing digital solutions, significant cost savings can be met in addition to increased performance. We can help you find a digital solution to many areas, from gathering and analysing data on public impression and reputation, engagement tools to engage with the workforce and public, logistics and fleet management, interview tools for vulnerable witnesses, data capture and analysis, data visualisation.

Knowledge Transfer

With a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience, Evidential’s team have been involved in a number of projects both in the UK and Abroad where we have successfully transferred our expertise. We have worked with governments, police forces, educational facilities and private organisation to transfer invaluable knowledge and expertise.

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