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Evidential is one of the UK’s leading providers of expert witness services, supporting clients including Police Forces, Intelligence/Security industries and Solicitors’ Practices. Through our in-house team of experts and extensive associate expert networks we aim to offer a ‘one stop shop’ supporting all of your expert witness needs.

We are international acclaimed with clients including the United Nations and International Criminal Courts

  • Expert witness disciplines include CCTV, Audio, Computers and Mobile Phones.
  • Listed with the National Crime Agency’s Expert Advisor Database
  • A provider to the CPS EPE Framework
  • Legal aid specialists
  • Operators available to take your call 24/7
  • Service Level Agreements available for regular work at preferred rates
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Our Expert Services:





CCTV/Video Enhancement & Analysis

Digital imagery is a powerful evidence type that can often be key in court proceedings, providing visual evidence in a way that no other evidence can. This service includes expert opinion, enhancement, event analysis, highlighting and subtitling, comparison, authentication and verification and compiling of court compilations.

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Forensic Computer Examination

The computer is used day to day in both domestic and professional situations potentially making it the most evidence rich item in a case. This type of analysis is usually associated with cases involving child pornography or hacking, however it can be highly valuable in cases that have no obvious relevance to technology, such as murder,corporate investigations, kidnap, rape and robbery.

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Mobile Phone Analysis & Cell Site Mapping

The use of mobile phones has become universal and with smartphones capturing more and more information about our day to day activity, the phone is a useful exhibit in any case. The geographical location of a phone at a particular point in time can also be invaluable in a case. We can analyse data records to establish the proximity to one or more mobile network mast.

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Audio Enhancement & Voice Comparison

Due to the proliferation of devices with recording capability, audio evidence is commonplace. The quality of recording is often poor, requiring analysis and enhancement for it to become useful evidence. This service includes enhancement, voice analysis and comparison, editing of interview recordings, disguising of voices, speed correction, transfer of formats, repair of damaged mediums and transcriptions of audio recordings.

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From identification of weapons and ammunition to shooting scene reconstructions, firearms evidence can be vital to a court result. Our service includes weapon and ammunition clarification and comparison, condition assessment including potential for accidental discharge and trajectory and range determination.

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Crime Scene Surveying & Reconstruction

Viewing a scene in three dimensions can greatly assist the detailed analysis of events, enabling evidence to be considered from any perspective; and pinpointed and measured with extreme precision. This equips you with a virtual 'return to scene' capability which can be highly powerful in any investigation.

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Forensic Photography

Forensic photography is a key process in any investigation, from scene documentation to the imaging of evidence it provides an accurate account of events. It provides a means of displaying the nature of a crime scene to anyone involved in the investigation who are not able to attend and allows items of evidence that can not be exhibited in court, to be clearly presented.

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DNA Analysis

The analysis of deoxyribonucleic acid, otherwise as DNA, has become the epitome of scientific proof during legal proceedings. It is instrumental in the outcome of a diverse range of cases, from murder to sexual offences and robbery.

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Forensic accounting

Forensic Accountancy

Forensic accountants are vital to investigating fraud and invaluable in various other types of complex investigations s such as terrorism. The service looks beyond the numbers and deals with the business realities of situation and presents back complex financial data clearly and precisely.

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3D body and injury mapping provides a greater level understanding of mechanisms of injuries and causes of death than 2D photos can ever achieve. Multiple layers can be demonstrated; skin, muscles, circulatory systems and skeleton; ensuring complex pathology data is presented in an easy to understand way, whilst avoiding prejudice cased through viewing distressing autopsy photographs.

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Fire and Explosion Investigation

Due to their very destructive nature fires and explosions can be extremely complex to investigate and accurately interpret, in addition it can be a challenge to present the findings to jury in an easy to understand way. We can carry out examinations of scenes and source material, reviews forensic work already undertaken, provided expert witness testament in court and utilise state of the art evidence presentation to support your case through court.

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Fingerprint service

Fingerprints have now been used for over a century by Police and Government agencies as an effective method for identifying individuals involved in criminal activity. Where cases presented to a court fail, it is invariably due to issues of continuity and administrative errors which cast doubt on the integrity of the exhibit and/or the witness presenting that evidence. Evidential can provide objective challenge in terms of reviewing fingerprint evidence and the processes and people that underpin that evidence.

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Electronic Presentation of Evidence

Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE) enables both digital and traditional forms of evidence to be presented in an easily understandable format. All of our forensic services can be demonstrated via EPE, ensuring the jury can understand even the most complex evidence.

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“Your work was to accurately reflect in an electronic presentation the technical evidence obtained from Prosecution witness telephone data in the context of factual events that took place. The presentations that you prepared for the Defence team were unable to be used in evidence because the Prosecution withdrew the charges against our client. However, your work showed in a devastating series of slides that the false statements made by those witnesses as to their whereabouts was contradicted by the telephone cellsite data.

I was very impressed by the quality of the work you produced for me which had the aim of saving a great deal of court time by using electronic means to represent the evidence.”

Steven Kay QC


We are very proud of the work we have carried out both in the UK and Internationally. As an independent expert service, our impartiality is paramount to the work we do which is highly regarded by many of our clients.


  • UK police forces
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  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • National Crime Agency
  • HM Courts & Tribunals


  • Solicitors
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  • Private Clients
  • Investigators


  • Intelligence agencies
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  • UK universities
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Evidential has formed links, joined related memberships, take part in discussions and work in strategic partnerships with related complimenting associations.

Evidential are listed with respected expert witness directories used by Barristers and Solicitors looking for experts to be instructed in current cases – an example of which can be found here

Our experts are listed with the National Crime Agency Expert Advisor Database where law enforcement agencies are provided with details of checked companies such as Evidential.

Evidential’s Sean Murphy is a founding member of the Forensic Imagery Analysis Group, part of the Chartered Society of Forensic Science. More information can be found here.

Evidential are proud to be a contributor to the Forensic Multimedia Course at Staffordshire University. Further detail regarding the course can be found here.

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