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Cell Site Analysis

The geographical location of a mobile telephone at a particular point in time could be invaluable to your case. We can analyse data records to establish when an active SIM card was used in the proximity of one or more mobile network masts.

How does it work?

Mobile phone networks use numerous masts, also known as cell towers, to provide coverage for their customers; both for contracts and pay-as-you-go services. The aim is to enable phone users to move between different geographical areas without losing their signal.pace

Every time a person uses their handset to make or receive a call or text message, or access the internet, data is stored by the network – including a record of which mast provided the coverage needed, thereby revealing the approximate location of the phone at that time.

Call data record analysis


Each item of data stored is known as a call data record (CDR). Our experts can use this data, along with extensive radio frequency measurements, to produce detailed reports on the likely positioning and movements of a mobile phone. These reports can be used as evidence to back up or disprove statements relating to an investigation.

For more information about mobile phone data, especially stored media and billing, please see our mobile phone analysis page.

A word from the team

Data retrieved from mobile phones often proves very valuable in cases, combine this with Cell Site Analysis or Call Data Record Analysis and this evidence becomes very powerful in proving or disproving statements.

Gyles Denn, Head of Organisational Development

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