Firearms & ballistics.

From identification of weapons and ammunition, to shooting scene reconstruction, firearms evidence can be vital to a court result.

Firearms investigation services


Firearms analysis is a complex matter and expert views can differ, making it wise to review the work of forensic providers or in-house police investigators working for the other side of a case, especially when considering scene-of-crime evidence.

Our specialists have undertaken work for numerous UK police forces and military branches, as well as the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). We can establish whether initial examinations and conclusions are scientifically robust and fit-for-purpose.

Evidential Ltd experts can undertake a full forensic investigation of a mobile phone, revealing a substantial amount of current and past content.


Our quality-driven expertise includes:


  • Weapon and ammunition identification and classification, under current firearms legislation
  • Weapon condition assessment, including the potential for accidental discharge
  • Trajectory and range of fire determination, including scene visits and reconstructions
  • Comparison of cartridge cases and bullets from a scene or body, to establish use of a particular firearm
  • Cold case reviews

A word from the team

Firearms evidence can be a complex subject leading to challenges in court, we can use our expertise to ensure you have the most robust and fit-for purpose interpretation and analysis providing you with confidence.

Adam McCarthy, Senior Forensic Scientist

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